Tooting the Horn

I consider myself extremely fortunate to work with a really talented team of designers and developers, particularly Graphic Designer Eddie Rodriguez, Software Engineer Ian Vanhoof, Instructional Designer Piti (Golf) Kanjanapongpaisal, and Instructional Designer Inez Whipple. A few months ago we started to haggle with the issue of how to present “lecture” content in our courses. We knew from the start that it had to work on every browser and be mobile-friendly. Most of the faculty content developers we work with are used to posting Word documents or PowerPoint slides and calling it good. A few even go so far as to identify a YouTube link. We’ve been working as a team to break that mold and encourage our SMEs to really focus on original content and then to present it in a way that is both sustainable and accessible to all users on all platforms. 57% of our users access the LMS from a mobile device so, whatever the design, it had to be responsive in design and Flash-free. While the whole team had input, I have to give mad props to our developer, Ian (who describes the process in a post of his own), and our graphic designer, Eddie, who developed our Learning Object container using HTML, CSS, and JS. I have to say it’s one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time and even makes Blackboard a bit hipper. It’s truly a pleasure to work on such a team in that we have been able to do something that is reshaping how “lecture” material is presented in a way that is responsive, sustainable and accessible to all.